Unit 401 1.1

I have a number of resources available to me for the purposes of researching and keeping up to date with health and safety legislation, ACOPs and best practices. I am a member LinkedIn and Barbour and have recently registered for the free Legislation Update Webinar (26) taking place on the 28th April 2015, taking advantage of online material. I receive e-bulletins (7) from HSE which detail upcoming legislative changes and changes to the HSE approved codes of practice.

I have recently reviewed the changes to the Workplace Health, Safety and Welfare Regulations ACOP to ensure that the company remains legally compliant and whether further action would be necessary to keep pace with any changes.   Following my review, I concluded the company remained compliant and there were no substantial changes to the ACOP, therefore no procedures were amended.  

Another example of using such resources is when a maintenance engineer was carrying out repairs on a filling machine. After failing to isolate it from the vessel he removed the pipe connecting it the filling machine, covering himself with a hazardous substance resulting in injury. Following an investigation using the HSG253 ‘The safe isolation of plant and equipment’ ACOP and guidance to ensure the company is using best practice in higher risk operations. I developed and implemented a safe system of work, including safe isolation and lockout/tagout procedures (27).

Additionally I have developed and implemented procedures and safe systems of work for working in confined spaces (23), using the Safe work in Confined Spaces ACOP and guidance to ensure the company is using best practice in higher risk operations. In addition to these formal sources of information I also use health and safety internet message boards to enquire how other safety professionals have dealt with different scenarios.
I also seek advice from colleagues who have experience of working in different environments, as they will often have a...