Unit 4 P3

P3: Produce Corporate Communications

To: Paul Barker
From: Renee Baafi-Owusu
RE: OO/PJB/Unit/P3
Date: 16/10/15

This spreadsheet looks quite professional because its layout is presented in a way that the audience can see that each column has its purpose on the spreadsheet. Also the font size is not too big so the audience can see the information at a reasonable size. The colour of the spreadsheet is quite calm colours because it is showing information which is being presented to the audience so therefore it does not need a bright colour because it is formal information.   Spreadsheets are a professional way of explaining information which has been produced by showing the information to the audience, and just explaining to them what is happening on the spreadsheet in a formal way.  
The spreadsheet does have an impact on the audience because it information about results for the past three years at HSFC. It is one of the ways HSFC uses information in their report to analyse their performance and find ways to improve the college so that more students will be persuaded to come and study at HSFC.   In this spreadsheet you can see and analyse the different success rates for each subject and how they differ. By putting information in a spreadsheet form it is easy to compare different types of information. To sum up, spreadsheets is also one of the popular types of information to communicate with your audience and discuss the information which is given and also analyse.

I think the spreadsheet is quite memorable because of its layout. The spreadsheet is also straightforward and it is easy to find pieces of information that is needed. Also most of the information in the spreadsheets is numbers this makes it easier for the audience to understanding what is going on, in the spreadsheet. Spreadsheets are one of the popular types of information to communicate with your audience about a certain topic. Also spreadsheets are not...