Unit 4 P2

P2. Explain the potential effects of five different life factors on the development of an

In this assignment I will be explaining the effects of different factors that might affect an individual, the factors include: genetic factors, biological factors before birth, social- economic factors, environmental factors and lifestyle. I will be explaining these factors according to my chosen celebrity Eminem.

Genetic factors
This is the actor when a baby is inherited the genetics from their biological parents, however there are many diseases/illnesses that can also be inherited from parents such as: cystic fibrosis, coeliac disease, asthma, brittle bone disease and many more. These illnesses/disease are passed on though genes, if a child has inherited brittle bone disease then the child will be affected in a negative way because they might not be able to do things when they are older as well as playing sports or exercising, limiting their opportunities in file because the bones are weak and able to break easily, they developed with less amount of protein called collagen. Eminem suffered from ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) , but during my research I did not find any other family member that suffered from this disorder. Eminem comes from a lone parent; this might affected his social development which also let him to divorce from his wife.

Biological influences before birth
This refers to what the mother is doing and/or consuming while pregnant and before giving birth. If the mother decides to smoke, take drugs, large amounts of alcohol or bad diet can affect the baby’s development before birth. For instance the mother decides to drink large amounts of alcohol during pregnancy, this will have a negative impact on the baby and he/she is at risk of foetal alcohol syndrome. A child born with this syndrome can learning disabilities, hear defects and/or on birth their height and weight might be under the normal average.