Unit 4 L3 Business P4

P4 - Evaluate the external corporate communications
of an existing product or service

Corporate Communication:
Corporate communication is when information is shared within a business, this information maybe about sales figures and statistics or staff related performance and normally comes from a senior member of staff such as a manager or a member of the HR department. By receiving this information staff are shown what it is they are doing well and what it is that needs improving, this overall will improve work efficiency and also handing out appraisals to staff working well helps motivate them. (BusinessDictionary.com, 2016)

Internal Corporate Communication:
Internal corporate communication is when staff within a business use various methods of communication to interact. This is normally in the forms of the following depending on the type of business:
-Speech (In person)
-I.T. Networks
Businesses use these methods to discuss and inform other staff about conferences, queries and other affair. This method also means all that is discussed remains private to the business. (BusinessDictionary.com, 2016)

External Corporate Communication:
External corporate communication is information that is shared between a business and an entity that is part of the firm’s external area. Some of these external entities are as follows:
-Customers (Membership card details, Accounts, Purchased goods, Online orders)
-Potential Customers (Promoting and discussing products via speech or via posters/tv adverts)
-Suppliers (Stock information, what the company need, pricing)
-Shareholders (Share prices)
(Study.com, 2016)

Choose a product or service:
iPhone 6 (Apple Inc)
At the end of 2014 notoriously large tech firm Apple released their latest iPhone, the 6. When Apple release a phone it normally becomes a rumour at the start of year, then it becomes official a few months later. The official announcement normally hints at several new...