Unit 4 Ageing

explain factors-
explain strategies
link with health and social
reviewing n   (how well the strategies work , criticisms)
evaluating strategies

There are many types of communication among the population however there are some issues that make this communication more difficult. One of these issues is the environment which an individual is trying to communicate within.
The Environment of which the communication is trying to be displayed in can have many faults for example if an individual is trying to write a report   on a service user in low lighted room, it will be difficult for the individual to correctly write the report as they are limited to what they can see causing a barrier of communication. However this is easily emended , with simply adding or taking light from within the room making sure the individual can clearly see what they are writing. This may cause an issue if the individual has poor income an generally cannot put any more lights on causing a disadvantage to this strategy however if this occurs another option is to move into another room or even facility however this could also cause another issue if the report is needed as soon as possible.
The noise of a environment may also be an issue as hearing and listening skills are needed for verbal communication therefore if a discussion was in place with two individuals in a noisy crowed area it would be difficult for individuals to hear one another and therefore concentrate to create a response causing communication issues. Like the lighting issue this problem can also be solved by simply moving the individual to another room where it is more quiet and no one in th room other than them. Then they can clearly   hear each other, decreasing misinterpretation avoiding mistakes.
In health and social care we also have to remember there is a wide variety of people including individuals who move around in a wheelchair. The setting of a facility such as a hospital hs to be carefully considered. Or...