Unit 334 Worksheet 5

Unit 334: Support children and young people's health and safety
Worksheet 5: Accident, incident, emergency or illness
Outcome 4 Understand appropriate responses to accidents, incidents emergencies and illness in work settings and off site visits
4.1 Explain the policies and procedures of the setting or service in response to accidents, incidents, emergencies and illness
4.2 Identify the correct procedures for recording and reporting accidents, incidents, injuries, signs of illness and other emergencies
|Accident, incident, emergency or illness             |Policy and procedure                                                                 |Procedure for recording and reporting                   |
|Teacher has a suspected fractured arm after falling |The policy and procedure to take when I member of staff is injured would be the same |The recording and reporting would be done as said in   |
|off chair they were standing on whilst putting up a |process as it would be for a student, although it is a member of staff not a student |the medical book which is for both staff and students   |
|display.                                             |there is a policy which is taken into account when treating people. This injury will |and is kept within the first aid room or within the     |
|                                                     |be treated by a first aid member of staff who is qualified as a first aider which in |reception of both the primary and the secondary. This   |
|                                                     |the school would be at least all of the receptionists within the primary and         |is then recorded within the medical book and a copy     |
|                                                     |secondary phases of school are all first aid trained. Also there will be some members|would be given to the member of staff and a copy would |
|                                                     |of staff who are held accountable to have been...