Unit 334 Level 3 Teaching and Learning in Schools

Unit 334
It is important to ensure any environment being used is free from hazards and that pupils are able to use the area safely. Factors which must be taken into account when planning healthy and safe indoor and outdoor environments are:
. The health needs of staff and children- these include the basic needs of all but also individual needs such as things which affect those who are pregnant, or those with physical disabilities or sensory impairments.
. Risk assessments- are risks well managed, have serious risks been removed
. Suitability of the environment, such as security, space requirements, temperature and lighting
. Adult to child ratios
The health and safety policy in school is reviewed by the headteacher by reporting to the governing body about the management of health and safety in the school and through regular evaluation to ensure that new legislation or change of circumstance are incorporated and that the policy remains effective.
The headteacher takes responsibility of the day today implementation of all school health, safety and welfare issues, she has to formulate and coordinate the implementation of the health and safety procedures, arrange for risk assessments to be undertaken, recorded and reviewed and also review regularly the dissemination of health and safety information in the school. All staff are expected to know the schools health and safety organisation and fully support and implement it, to report any accidents, health and safety concerns, defects and hazards to the headteacher and follow all prescribed safe working practices.
The Health and Safety Executive provides guidance for the education industry with documents such as:
.School trips
. Sensible health and safety management in schools
. Slips and trips in education
. Special educational needs
The Department for Education have also published a document, Health and Safety: advice on legal duties and powers, this document was updated in February 2014
Certain health and safety...