Unit 333

Unit 333: Understand how to safeguard the wellbeing of children and young people
Worksheet 1: Legislation grid

|Assessment             |Legislation, guideline,     |Outline of legislation, guideline, policy or     |How does this affect day to day work* with children|How does this link to data protection,           |
|criteria               |policy or procedure         |practice                                         |and young people?                                   |information handling and sharing?               |
|                       |Every Child Matters         |This government green paper was created in 2003,|This would affect the children and young people     |This links in with Data Protection, the reason   |
|1.1                     |                           |after the death of a young girl called Victoria |because it is very important that all children are |being that you as apart of the staff, will have |
|                       |                           |Climbié, who died through violence. This was put|working to the best of their ability all day       |to ensure that any problems that affect students|
|1.3                     |                           |in place in order to help the wellbeing of       |throughout school. This means that they should also|are kept fully confidential from anyone. This   |
|                       |                           |children and young people. They have a variety   |be in good physical health so ensuring that they   |would also mean that confidentiality would be   |
|1.5                     |                           |of different aims as a whole however the main   |are healthy, also making sure that they are in good|linked with this as the information given from   |
|                       |                           |one that stands out is that it doesn’t matter   |mental health to, as this will help to build up     |the student is kept safe and locked away to     |
|3.2                     |...