Unit 33

-Unit 3: introducing to marketing-role of marketing-Task 1 Analysis and evaluation
In this assignment I will explain the different types of marketing techniques used by McDonalds and Prêt a manger. I will also explains the different types of techniques which both businesses used to meet their goals in the market so they could succeed in meeting their objectives and goals as a big business trader.
Marketing techniques Similarities in the use of marketing technique Differences in the use of marketing techniques
Market penetration e.g. advertising media promotions methods special offers launches sponsorships endorsement Both businesses use offers to attract customers to their stores such as special day discounts in a week and other methods. This is to attract customers is using reward cards whenever a customer comes in and purchases some goods. This helps the customer to shop even more and see what type of rewards and discounts they can get with the amount of points; the use of customer loyalty cards can be given to customers to build up points as both businesses use coffee reward points help encourage new customers and regular customer to come back and make repeat purchases as the use of free coffee can be a way of building up customer loyalty. The difference is that both businesses only advertise at a certain target market, age group. Such as Prêt manger targets their goods at certain target markets, discounts are given rarely such as new products being introduced into the market and they also give promotions to regular customer and rarely gives offers to new customers. However, McDonald’s does target their goods at all types of customers such as young teenager, adults, kids by introducing goods like milkshakes, ice creams, smoothies, happy meals characters. They also try giving new customers discounts by giving out vouchers to new customers, giving discounts to new products to build up promotions for the company. They usually give out...