Unit 305 Understand Person Centred Approaches

Unit 305 Understand person-centred approaches in adult social care settings

1. Describe person centred approaches

Person centred approaches refers to ways of working which revolve around an individual being included in all aspects of their care and decision making. These sorts of approaches focus and function on an individual-by-individual basis.
A personal example of this with me being a key worker for one the people we support is the monthly key worker meetings I go through with them. During these meetings, I ask how the person’s health has been during the past month including my own assessment of it as well. Any appointments to medical professionals will be recorded during the meeting as well as new medication. We also discuss what activities, both short term and long term, the individual would like to try (it could be a new activity like dog walking). Finally I will go through the individual’s entire support plan and make changes where necessary as well as look through their risk assessments to update them if needed.

2. Explain why person-centred values must influence all aspects of social care work

I think person centred values must influence all aspects of social care work because it is one of the main points when actively trying to satisfy the needs of individuals. This is why in institutions whose agreed ways of working follow this principle e.g Mencap, every individual has a support plan and risk assessment put in place that caters to their specific needs. It is equally important as well because it ensures that the best possible care and quality of life are delivered and because the values are person-centred, it follows the principle of treating people as you would want to be treated yourself.

3. Explain how person-centred values should influence all aspects of social care work

Person centred values should influence all aspects of social care work in such a way that individuals are treated with respect, dignity and allowed to make...