Unit 302

2) Justification of the lesson plan

The lesson that I planned for this session intended to be delivered in an appropriate learning environment to meet the needs of all learners. This was achieved by providing a lesson that is motivating, challenging, relevant and has a clear progression. Prior knowledge was not a concern as it was my aim to provide leaners with the basic knowledge and skills which will allow them to continue their learning journey within the beauty industry.

My role as the facilitator initially was to ensure learners were at ease in their new learning environment and with their peers. I used an ice breaker to encourage openness, cooperation, discussion and also as a tool to promote collaborative learning.

Continuing on from the ice breaker I took the opportunity to set the learning intentions and expectations for this lesson. This was carried out through a short presentation in which I introduced myself as the facilitator and explained my background in this field. I ensured that I included the presentation within the welcome pack in which learners were provided with at the beginning of the session. This was to ensure that all learners needs were being met, for example, learners who may have found it difficult to see the screen. This also gave me an opportunity to speak briefly about outline of the lesson. Through I was implementing Honey and Mumford learning styles and ensuring I was appealing to the Activists, Theorists, Pragmatists and Reflectors. I implemented a variety of tasks to help ensure that the lesson was flowing and was keeping the learners engaged. In addition to this the tasks were completed in pairs to help promote an inclusive learning environment which is an essential skill within this trade.

In addition to this I applied Bloom’s cognitive domain of learning where appropriate as the learners used the knowledge they had been imparted with to carry out the practical aspect of the session. I was aware that there was a...