Unit 301 - Roles & Responsibilities

Roles, responsibilities and relationships in education and training

This leaflet is intended to assist all members of staff – whether you are new to the company or as a reference regardless of the time within employment.

The Tutors role and responsibilities in education and training:

As a Tutor working for [company name] you will have a variety of roles and responsibilities, some of which you may have already considered or be aware of, whilst others may be less obvious.

The more obvious roles – such as organising lesson plans (which would fall under the role of organiser and planner) and the teaching role itself ensuring that students clearly understand what is being taught.

“The fundamental teaching role is one of facilitating learning by providing expertise, managing resources and encouraging learners to help themselves to attain their goals.” Walklin, 1990, page 245.

Other important roles which can be easily taken for granted are that of a Market Researcher – ensuring that Tutors keep up to date with the studies which the company offers and a Health and Safety Officer – doing your best to ensure the learning environment is safe, Administrative duties will also need to be completed such as keeping student files up to date.

Teacher/Trainer and your work with other professionals

It is important to maintain good working relationships with other professionals at Sienna X as this can help ensure students get a positive experience whilst studying.

Some needs of students may fall outside of the Tutors responsibilities such as counselling, financial support and language barriers; in these cases, it is important to work with the person responsibility for any facility which is required so as to ensure students are given the best chance of achieving their goals.

Boundaries between the teaching/training role and other professional roles, including points of referral to meet the needs of learners:

It is important to pay attention to student...