Unit 301 Reflective Learning Journal

Unit 301: Understanding roles, responsibilities and relationships in education and training
Reflective learning journal template
Reflective learning journal
This form should be used to record your reflections as you progress through your qualification. You should link your reflections to reading, principles, theories and professional values.

Analysis of challenges that I faced in unit/task: Unit 301Upon completion of Unit 301, I have identified the most challenging part for me was creating the guidance document for new staff. The reason for this was because I felt there is so much information a new colleague needs to know in order to assist them in the course of doing their duties and yet, felt my ability to do this was hampered by the maximum word count and the ability to provide as much information within that as possible. |
How I dealt with this, and why I took this approach:Where necessary, I explored certain areas in detail. However, some areas such as the Mission Statement, is presented with a breakdown of the elements headings only and then referenced as to where the full breakdown of these can be found. |
What went well and why:I believe that I followed a logical sequence and though I was unable to include all details, that I was able to make reference to these and give direction as to where this information could be found or set out by which governing body. |
What I need to do to improve and how I plan to do this:I need to improve my ability to condense information. I also feel a need to research where all necessary in-depth details can be sourced from, in one place rather than multiple locations which is time consuming.   |

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