Unit 301 Delivering Education & Training

Assignment 301

Understanding roles, responsibilities and
Relationships in education and training

Assignment overview
There are three learning outcomes to this unit:

  1. Understand the teaching/training role and responsibilities in education and training
  2. Understand ways to maintain a safe and supportive learning environment
  3. Understand the relationships between teachers and other professionals in education and training

Each learning outcome contains assessment criteria against which the candidate will be assessed.  

A few things to tick off for role would be

Creating / facilitating opportunities for learning
Plan lessons, find and prepare materials, do research, assess learners and yourself
Keep records: lesson plans, attendance, assessment etc
And similarly on responsibilities you’re looking at

Keeping yourself up to date in both teaching and your field
Maintaining high standards in your work and conduct
Complying with the rules of the organisation you are part of as well as legislation and codes of practice (this is the main focus of the next essay)

You are required to answer the following questions to demonstrate the following

  a) Explain the teaching/training role and responsibilities in education and training (1.1)

As a military instructor and a teacher within the Royal school of military engineering, there are roles and responsibilities that I need to carry out before delivering   lesson to students within my
Programme area.
One of these roles is planning of lessons, which is a very important because it will guide me in the delivery phase of the lesson. The way I structure my lesson plan will depend on the identified individual needs that I receive from the Initial assessment results; which I will incorporate into my planning to cater for identified need. Another role is an Assessor, which is by carrying out assessment on students to check on their learning...