Unit 3 Seeking Support

Task 1

You may need to seek support and advice as you experience new equality, diversity and inclusion challenges. Can you match the name of the source of support to the kind of information, advice or support it provides? Draw lines to link the names to the correct descriptions.

|Inclusion website from the National Grid for     |             |Public body which provides advice and guidance and aims to promote     |
|Learning: inclusion.ngfl.gov.uk                 |             |equality and human rights in Britain                                   |
|                                                 |             |                                                                       |
|Action for Kids                                 |             |Website of online resources, information and advice about embracing and|
|                                                 |             |meeting individual educational needs                                   |
|                                                 |             |                                                                       |
|Equality and Human Rights Commission             |             |National charity working with children and young people with           |
|                                                 |             |disabilities. Can help with mobility equipment and family support       |

Task 2

Find three different resources to help you with the following situations. Resources could include: websites, books, specialist professionals and organisations. For each resource, write its name in the first column provided and in the second column make a note of how you access the resource and any important phone numbers or website addresses.

a Supporting a child who uses a wheelchair

|1) Some kids use wheelchairs by Lola M. Schaefer   |http://www.amazon.com/Some-Kids-Use-Wheelchairs-Understanding/dp/1429617764       |
|                                                   |A book that is...