Unit 3 Health and Safety

2.1- explain why a safe but challenging environment is important for children and young people
A challenging yet safe environment is vital to the development of children, the environment needs to be challenging so that they can develop their skills and their characters, so they can try out new things and learn life skills. However the environment has to be safe so that they feel comfortable to do so, and so that it is a positive experience which will help them develop.  
2.2- identify differences between risk and hazard
A hazard is a condition that can cause harm. The risk is the probability that the hazardous event will happen.
2.3- identify potential hazards to the health, safety or security of children in the setting
Potential hazards to health and safety or security of children in the setting may be things such as wires, wet floors (spilt drinks), electrical items, defective toys, trip hazards, children could choke on food and germs which spread virus’ very quickly which are all monitored to ensure safety and security of children at all times.
2.4- contribute to risk assessments in setting and areas for off site visits
I have completed risk assessments before outings as it is vital to be able to go on trips due to the high chances of risk, we need to be able to identify and know how to prevent any potential injuries.
5.1- describe how to report for accidents, illness or emergencies
In the setting we record all accidents, illness and emergencies for accidents we fill out a form stating exactly what happened, the time it happened and date, the members of staff that noticed and what treatment was given.

5.2- complete accident forms etc
I have completed accident which means I have to write exactly what happened, the time and date of the accident, I also have to write what treatment was given and what the accident caused e.g. if a child fell over I’d have to write what caused the child to fall over and what injuries the child got from falling over...