Unit 3 3a

Unit 3.3a – how your feedback has informed your
Learners’ progress and achievement

This particular learner had ongoing feedback through her sessions with me.

Many learners are nervous when we begin the numeracy sessions but particularly Sam. She was very competent with her literacy, passing level 2 well, but found numeracy very challenging.   She told me she had always struggled and had built up quite a phobia regarding it.

We discussed this on the 1st session, and I assured her that we would cover each step until she was happy.   We spent the next 3 sessions covering all the areas and spending time on the sections she found the most challenging.   Sam also took many revision sheets home with her that I had prepared so she could continue in her own time as well.   The next session we would discuss these, covering any areas she was unsure of. Sam then sat a practice test and achieved a pass, only by a few marks but a pass never the less.   We were both really pleased with this.   She said she felt much more confident so we planned the test for the following week.

The next week Sam arrived quite nervous. We had a chat 1st and discussed all the details of the test, pass marks and timescales.   Sam felt as ready as she could be and the test began.   There were 5 learners taking the test in this session and there was a great deal of support in the room.   As I am able to collate the test results straight away it just took a few minutes to see that Sam had achieved a great pass at Numeracy Level 1. She was very relieved, and pleased as she had not been graded from school. She burst into tears, the whole group was really pleased for her and she made me feel very grateful to have been a part of her getting over her fear.

Sam is now working on level 2 numeracy, and hopes one day soon to achieve this.