Unit 3.2 (Ii)

Unit 3.2
(ii) Before lessons starts I would need to be sure how i would be required to support the teacher and the children. This would likely be done at the time of planning if I was to be involved. If not the teacher would inform me of my duties for the lesson before it would start. This would be done so that i do not disturb the teacher with questions during the lesson as he/she would be occupied with some children themselves. It would also be a good thing for me think of something I could do with the children if they were to finish their task early. This generally would also be done at the planning stage or the start of the lesson.
  Lessons would normally have 3 parts to them –
Firstly the introduction,
Secondly the main activity,
Lastly the conclusion.
During the introduction I would help the teacher by helping to ensure the children are listening, encourage reluctant and less confident children to join in. Possibly by helping them with whispers and prompts if there is a discussion at this point. During the main part of the lesson i would help the teacher by making sure the children understood the instructions given, repeating and explaining anything they did not understand. Also by giving more focused teaching with a small group of children. I would also help to prepare the children for the conclusion part of the lesson and to help report back whilst trying to encourage them to work on their own.
During the last part of the lesson I would possibly sit with the less confident students as to encourage them to participate and enable me to whisper some prompts to them. I could possibly mention the students and the work they did that I found good