Unit 29 Understanding Retailing Assignment 3

Unit 29 – Understanding Retailing
Assignment 3 – Customer Service

Task 2

John Lewis is a business that prides itself on having a high level of customer service. John Lewis’s customer service options are very good because they have put the customer’s needs as one of their main priorities. From this, they are able to help their customers and advise them on the best products to purchase. Their customer service options include:

Face to face; John Lewis uses face-to-face operations to help their customers as the business has employed people to work in the shop and help with any customers needs that might accrue. This is one of the best ways of customer service as customers are able to ask an employee directly within the store. The employees are able to help customers in this way as customers can ask for information about their products, so they are able to find the best suitable product for their needs.

Customer service training; John Lewis are specialists in customer service because they send all their employees to a customer service training camp. This will help them increase their skills to interact with customers which should help them stand out from competitors and help them improve turnover. However this takes a lot of time and also costs the company money, which could decrease their profits.

After-sales service; this is crucial to a department store like John Lewis because it’s an alternative way they can get to know the needs of their customers. It is also important to John Lewis because this helps them ensure their customers are happy even after they have purchased a product. This has become an important sales strategy to John Lewis because it helps attain a bigger market share which will make them less dependent on the state of the economy or changes in tax policy as a measure of their business’s performance. However, increasing market share may be dangerous for fungible and hazardous products sold in John Lewis because they may be subject to...