Unit 29 Assigment 2 P4

er a report, or using the method statement templates provided, write two separate method statements specifying the plant; materials and methods used for road construction and culvert replacement. Identify and describe how you are to coordinate the timing of the two projects with the constraints you have identified previously. (P4)

Work activity

Road Construction
Sequence of work

Write here, step by step, how will you divert, excavate and reconstruct the road? What order will you do it in?

1) Should be reconstructed using flexible pavement for road .Contact local utility services

2) Assembly the hardcore

3) Excavate road to formation level

4) Liase with highways authorities

5) Lay ,Subbase

6) Lay road base

7) Use paving machine , lay binder course

8) Surface course

9) Road markings

10) Divert the traffic back to the road

Plant / Machinery to be used

What plant / machinery will you need in order to undertake the works?

Paving machine
Circular saw
Sump pump
Roller Excavator
Concrete vibrator
Portable grinder
Steel drill
Rock drill
Tempory traffic control lights.

Materials required

List materials required for the road construction here.
Road paint
Surfacing Kebs
Drainage Gullies and pipes

Key Constraints

Consider: climate conditions, Cost, Quality, Ground Conditions, HS&W, Noise and Visual Impacts, Legal requirements.
The key constraints will be that the noise levels will be high so you will need to ensure you start work at scheduled times. Also it will be time as you will need to make sure you are working between the correct times.

Key dates

Bullet point / detail key activities proposed for each week:

Week 1 (30 Nov): setting up the traffic control , confirming services location , setting up traffic...