Unit 233

Unit 233.     Meet Food Safety Requirements When Providing Food And Drink For Individuals

Outcome 1. Understand The Importance Of Food Safety Measures When Providing Food And Drink For Individuals

      1.1 Potential food safety hazards are contaminants, for example, bacteria, mould, chemical contaminants, insects etc.

      1.2 The importance of implementing food safely measures means reducing food poising risks and following policies and procedures.

      1.3 Personal protective equipment (PPE) should be worn while handling food and drink to prevent cross contamination such as hair falling into food or bacteria on hands causing cross contamination.

      1.4 Surfaces, utensils and equipment must be clean before beginning a new task to prevent cross contamination, possible allergies and to prevent bacteria and mould growing.

      1.5 The importance of cleaning and disposing of food waste promptly and safely reduces the risk of bacteria spreading and mould.

      1.6 The importance of storing different types of food and drink safely means reducing the risk of contamination and prevents infections such as salmonella.

Outcome 2. Be Able To Maintain Hygiene When Handling Food And Drink

      2.1 Hands must be washed after any activity, for example, after using the toilet or handling food.

      2.2 Effective hand washing for handling food is to thoroughly wash hands all over and to dry with a disposable paper towel to prevent cross contamination.

      2.3 The personal protective clothing you must wear are aprons, gloves, hair nets, hair bands, etc.

      2.4 You must ensure that all surfaces are clean to ensure food does not become contaminated and to reduce the risk of cross contamination and food poisoning.

Outcome 3. Be Able To Meet Safety Requirements When Preparing And Serving Food And Drink For Individuals

3.1 To control hazards when preparing and serving food and drink you must ensure surfaces are clean, food is cooked properly, food is chilled...