Unit 222

Unit 204 – Equality, diversity and inclusion in work with children and young people
2.3, 2.4, 2.5, 3.1
In my opinion living in a diverse society, along with understanding and knowledge is a positive route to acceptance on a variety of levels. When looking at my own life values and experiences I feel that as a person I don’t have prejudices and discrimination, however dependant on circumstances and peers I may on occasion say something deemed to be a prejudice however the audience I have understand that this isn’t my view and that the reason behind saying something is more as a joke, for example my dad is Scottish a prejudgment would be that he doesn’t like to spend money, never thinks its cold, drinks whiskey, so if I saw any of these things to him he knows it’s a joke messing around and can appreciate it for what it is without taking offence, (he cant stand whiskey, although people still buy him this, he himself states its not cold here, and who like to spend when you can get a better deal) .
It Is of my opinion that when looking at discrimination and prejudices, you may be able to see or hear many people voicing their view point, however it is worth bearing in mind that the person speaking the words may not necessarily believe that to be their true opinion and that they are only displaying these prejudices and discrimination due to who they are with at that time. For example whilst working behind a bar you could be subject to or hear prejudices and discrimination and depending on circumstances (being a lone member of staff, the clientele, the person that said this to you) depends how you react to the person speaking, you may confront the person if you feel strong enough to do so, however you may need to go along with the conversation to avoid confrontation that could escalate, however another customer may overhear and this and presume you hold these views.
By no means do I feel that this is acceptable to go along with others prejudices, however I do feel that...