Unit 206 in Health and Social Care

Unit 204

Outcome 1
1.1 Physical Abuse -Physical abuse is the intended act by one person to another with the intent to cause harm Examples of this may include hitting, punching, slapping, kicking, pinching or scratching.
Sexual Abuse - Sexual Abuse includes rape, sexual assault, unwanted sexual advances sexual acts without consent, indecent exposure or making inappropriote comments or actions.
Emotional Abuse - Emotional Abuse includes intimidation, threats of physical harm, shouting, swearing, name calling, racist comments,, humiliation, emotional blackmail
Financial Abuse - This involves a persons funds or possessions being taken or used inappropriately by another person.
Institutional Abuse - This can involve practices of abuse in an institutionalised environment, for example, where the rights of the person using the service are denied. This can involve witnessing and   ignoring other forms of abuse, abuse by one or more staff.
Neglect - This is the deliberate withholding of or intentional failure to provide a correct level of care and support for an adult to meet their needs.
Self Neglect - which may include purposely not eating, or not taking proper care of oneself by refusing to wash or take perscribed medication.

The signs and symptoms which could be associated with different forms of abuse are as follows.
Psychological - self-esteem,lack of confidence, becoming extremely agitated around somebody or isolating themself.

Physical - Injuries in unusual places, injuries in the shape of objects, skin infections and sleep deprivation.

Sexual - STD's, pain and itching, withdrawal symptoms and evidence of soreness when the person is sitting or walking.

Financial - Unexplained withdrawals from a persons account, unusual transactions, the person is unable to explain what money has been spent and where. Not having evidence to prove that money has been accounted for i.e Reciepts

Neglect: Malnutrition, unexplained weight gain or loss and...