Unit 203


ASSESSMENT CRITERIA 2.1, 2.2, 3.2, 3.3, 3.4

A positive learning environment benefits both children and adults.   It is important to promote a positive working relationship with children, adults within the setting and parents.

To establish a respectful, professional relationship with adults, an environment of mutual support and opens is needed.   At all times a professional manner must be a priority.   An adult relationship can be established by being attentive, actively listening when we are communicating with others and responding appropriately, being approachable and respectful.   Treating others with respect and notice their efforts and achievements and communicate your awareness of them.   Any information is confident so should be treated as such in order to establish trustworthiness.

A positive adult relationship is important as children see them as role models and will mimic their behaviour.   To have a positive effect on children professionalism should always be maintained and a priority.   Any private issues or feelings should not be displayed.   A positive role model will help children feel emotionally secure and able to approach an adult with any issues they may have, academically or private.   As role models children are given a basis for forming good relationships and attitudes towards others and to their learning.

Communication between adults and communication with children are similar in many ways, eye contact, interest, responding, courtesy and respect.   Between adults more complex instructions and vocabulary is used.   When communicating with children we need to use vocabulary to their developmental stage.   With children the tone of language is different when speaking, especially younger children.   Instructions are less complex with children, they need to be very clear and unambiguous in order for them to understand a task and what is expected of them.   With children it is important to be patient and...