Unit 201

Unit 206 Understand the role of the social care worker
1.1 Explain how a working relationship is different from a personal relationship.
A working relationship is different from a personal relationship because working relationships are professional based, they are based on formal policies and procedures and agreed ways of working. Personal relationships are based on emotions and are informal, you can choose who you have a personal relationship with and who you would want to share your feelings and emotions with.
1.2 Describe different working relationships in social care settings.
There are many different relationships in health and social care settings, these include relationships between carers and service users, carers and other health care professionals, such as GP’s and nurses, carers and service users families and between colleagues and managements. For each of these you will develop a different type of working relationship, but you should always remain professional.
2.1 Describe why it is important to adhere to the agreed scope of the job role.
It’s important to adhere to agreed scope of your job role as you have agreed with your job description within your contract, so it’s your legal obligation to work within it. By following your job role you are working alongside your company’s policies and procedures and giving the best quality of care you can. It also means that i would not be permitted to do anything what isn't in my job discription and that i am not trained to do such as giving out medication.
2.2 Outline what is meant by agreed ways of working.
By reading and agreeing to my contract I am signing to say I am happy with what is expected of me and the company. Agreed ways of working are policies and procedures designed and written by your employer and set out how you should provide care and support for others and how you should deal with specific issues in your work settings. These should include policies and procedures relating to
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