Unit 201---1.2
Child development can vary in progression due to many factors. In general, if child development and learning is deprived of any developing aspects, this can certainly have its effects on other areas of development. This will be effective in areas such as communicational, physical, emotional and intellectual development in children. I have explained below, with examples how these developing aspects can effect one another.

1. Difference in   physical appearance.
If   children are overweight, obese or whether they differ in any other physical appearance to their peers. They will feel under pressure to look the same. Children often gets teased or bullied by other kids, especially   if they look different. Hence they become body conscience and usually feel embarrassed in regards to their looks. This will upset their   emotional balance and make them very unhappy which leads to low self-esteem. Children with low self-esteem   lack in confidence. They don’t like to participate in group activities which later leads to poor social and communicational development.
When it comes to any form of physical activity such as swimming or P.E, children who have issues with their appearance panic. Immediately the reality of having to undress in front of other class fellows, horrifies them. On numerous occasions I have witnessed children making excuses to avoid lessons in swimming or P.E just because they don’t want to be teased again over their body image. If children who are overweight   continue to miss out on essential bodily exercise, this will continue to effect their physical health. Hence effecting physical development. This will also effect emotional and social development.

2. Inability to speak / speech delay / language barrier
Speech is an essential part of intellectual development as it enables children to communicate more effectively with others and to express their opinions and ideas. It is through connecting and communicating with others that...