Unit 20 Recruitment and Selection Within Health and Social Care

Unit 20  
Recruitment and selection within health and social care or children and young people’s settings.
Learning aims.   2.1 2.2 2.3 2.4 3.1 3.2 3.3 4.2

Within the nursing home in which I work, a vacancy arose for a qualified nurse due to the expansion of the home and more shift patterns needed to be filled.
A meeting was held with the management and a course of action was decided upon. We firstly decided on experience working with older people and qualifications to make sure the right candidate which was to be employed was suitable for the surroundings in which they would be working within and to make sure that they could work the hours required.
We then agreed to place an advertisement in the local newspaper as well as on-line and at the local job centre. The manager also asked the nurses already working within the company if they knew anybody that would be suitable.
Within two days we had an enquiry by phone about the post and an interview date and time was agreed upon.
Before the interview we had a meeting and made a list of relevant questions pertaining to the post in which we would ask the candidate during the interview.
On the day of the interview the candidate arrived on time and was made to feel at ease with a drink and shown to the interview room. The manager, head of nursing and myself started the interview with introductions and then by asking relevant questions   on qualifications, hours that were expected to be worked,   and would she be willing to cover any extra shifts if other staff were ill. travelling and experience working with older people from the list that we had previously made, including , would she take part in further training pertaining to her job role and would she be willing to learn how to take bloods and catheter training also did she have any holidays already booked that she needed to take in the near future. giving the candidate time to answer without putting her under stress. I then asked what she could bring to the job,...