Unit 2 Sustainability

Your tasks for P2 are:

identify four different forms of global pollution
describe how the global pollutions you have identified may harm the local environment
[note global pollution affects the whole planet. For example acid rain is regional and not global]

Forestry and Deforestation

The usage of land for forestry are often separated into:
Naturally occurring, established woodlands that are hundreds of years old and are carefully managed.
Plantations – parts of land that are purposefully planted to produce and harvest timber resources
In Britain, natural forests are restricted to little pockets. There's a national forest located in Nottingham, however lots of forest was cleared for industrial development, ship construction and to use as a fuel. Forests additionally give a chance for recreational activities, providing a perfect setting for walking, bird observance, horse riding and biking.
The UK government's forestry commission takes care of several of the forests and protects them in addition to developing and increasing the utilization of timber as a resource. Timber in contrast to oil, gas and coal, is a renewable resource that's not finite

The warm and humid tropical areas of the world offer ideal settings for natural rain forests, which have developed over thousands of years. Unfortunately, the location of most rain forests are within countries whose structure and financial wealth are only just developing. The rain forests are declining for a number of reasons:
Expansion of towns and cities
Slash and burn agriculture where trees are cleared and the land used for the growing of crops
Trees being used for firewood
Clearing for cattle production
Hardwood timber is the most important to economic wealth and therefore the forest is seen as a resource to help the government
Illegal logging
Forest fires

The UK was also once covered in deciduous forests whose timber was used for fuel, house building and ship building. Now...