Unit 2 Promote Professional Development

Explain the importance of continually improving knowledge and practice
The importance of continually improving my knowledge, is to ensure that the I am aware of, and follow, the current EYFS legislation, and guidelines for good practice. Learning new skills and refreshing training enables me to progress, and achieve within my career and working practices.  
Professional development can provide the drive to progress my career, keeps practitioners alike across the industry competitive and, ultimately, can make me more employable. Professional development is something i do every day of my life without even thinking about it, however being conscious of the development i undertake will allow me to record this and develop in a systematic way. In order to maximise my potential for lifetime employability, it is essential that i maintain high levels of professional competence by continually improving my knowledge and skills.
Personal development not only benefits an individual, but also the company, and the people who receive the services.
If we take ownership of our career and its continuing development, as the job market is always changing and we may no longer be able to rely on your employer to identify and satisfy our development needs.
By taking ownership of our, and focusing our professional development we will:
• Be better able to recognise opportunity;
• Be more aware of the trends and directions of the childcare industry
• Enhancement of knowledge and skills within the industry
• Proactively change the setting so that the service we provide is relevant
• Become increasingly effective in the workplace;
• Be able to help, influence and lead others by your example;
• Be confident of our future employability;
• Have a fulfilling and rewarding career.
As a member of management, I am responsible for others: Staff, children, visitors, etc so it is paramount that I am knowledgeable in all areas of management, to enable me to ‘manage’ effectively.