Unit 2 Promote Professinal Development

1.Understand principles of professional development

As a care professional I have a duty to my employer, the residents I care for and also to myself to continually improve my knowledge and practice. It enables myself to keep up with the current industry standards, enables me to maintain and enhance my knowledge and skills that the life’s of our residents will benefit from.
As our customer base, in a business like view, the main source of income for the business I work for is the fees associated with the resident’s placements and as such the life’s and happiness of the service users will be proven to our governing bodies leading to further placements and ultimately leading to more income for the business, thus ensuring the jobs of all employed and giving stable homes to the residents. On a personal level it helps myself to stay interested and interesting, allowing me to make a meaningful contribution to my team and the home I work at, it gives me the opportunity to pass my knowledge to others which in turn helps me as a team leader to a staff team to demonstrate my leadership skills.

The are some potential barriers to professional development, time, cost and access are the most frequently cited barriers to professional development. Pressure at work from staffing shortages, which can be a common industry standard, added to that the demands of home and family, can all make professional development a difficult undertaking however motivated a person may be. Even if an employer is willing to fund an employee’s professional development they may demand that such undertaking be justified in terms of specific relevance, and as such limited to a development path that the employer deems necessary to the business and not necessarily a path the individual wants to take.
Another barrier affecting professional development participation is that professionals are not consistent, many factors can influence a person, such as position and career stage, learning style, a...