Unit 2 Plannng and Enablin Learning

Unit 2 Planning and enabling learning
When teaching there are many factors which can need to be considered to gain the best results from your students. The 4 main areas I have researched are:
  * Negotiating with learners
  * Inclusive learning
  * Integrating functional skills
  * Communication
The above all contribute to effective learning as I will outline below.
Negotiating with learners  
As a teacher it is your job to gain the best from your students, this is done by:
  1. Initial assessments
The first stage in the process, this will help to create an interesting and relevant programme of study for the learner. From the assessment we will find out the learners personality, character and behaviour, we can measure attainment and identify potentials and skills gaps.
Taking into account their abilities, attitudes and needs.
An initial assessment should aid direction to the right course, help to remove any barriers, help learners to belong, inform others of their progress.
They involve the students, parents, school teachers, careers advisors and employees.
We can then devise a scheme of work and all the resources necessary.  
  2. Methods of assessment
We can assess our learners by the use of written tools:
Paper exercises (exams), questionnaires
Application forms,
Screening tests

Electronic tools
Diagnostic screeners
Learning styles questionnaires
Psychometric tests

Spoken tools
Professional discussions
Informal discussions

Visual tools
Skills tests

  3. When negotiating goals with your students you need to consider what the learner plans to achieve within the the course or period learning, we can set small targets to help them achieve their end goal. Most people arrive with the vision to:
Gain qualifications to prepare for work or further education,
Gain qualifications to accredit existing skills,
To enhance or update skills
Personal development or enrichment...