Unit 2 Lvl 5 Hsc

Ashley Holland
Diploma 5 unit 2
Every day I learn something new, this is important because to develop and improve not only your skill set but also that of your team is how you continually grow both individually and as a collective(team), keeping yourself open and humble enough to learn will improve practice there is no place for arrogance and know it all attitude, this will not only hinder yourself but the people around you. Constantly training and taking on new information is good as it motivates you it allows you to improve, it keeps you up to standards, legislation and standards can change often so you need to grow and develop to keep up with this.
There are many barriers to professional development, loosely setting yourself goals can often create a wishy washy attitude of ill get there in the end, other things get in the way, to achieve something you have to set something to achieve, set the goal and then find the steps to achieve the goal this can be daunting for professionals if they don’t have the confidence to do this, this can lead to people being unhappy in their job role. There is also something in the human race that makes resistant to change, to grow and develop can be a very uncomfortable process, you may leave yourself open to criticism as you learn and make mistakes in the process this puts people off developing, many people will tell me im happy where I am, I know what I’m doing and that’s how I like it. Other people will want to push their selves and put their neck on the line and strive for better things unfortunately I have found this is more the norm than the exception.
There are plenty of different ways to develop. There is training and education, Professional Development Plans and objectives/succession planning. All of these sources are useless without the most important source which is yourself. Training can be provided in many different areas but you have to allow yourself to absorb the information, personal development plans are...