Unit 2 Health N Safety

Unit 2.

1.1- In my setting the health and safety procedures are that all staff are aware of the fire assembly point. We have signs of which staff member is to check where during the drills. My setting provides a clean and safe environment for all children including beginning and end of the day checklist. All staff are aware of where the cleaning essentials are   kept and how to dispose safely. We provide gloves and aprons for when required. Fire extinguishers are checked and dated. We all learn how to fill in accident and incident forms. Children to are taught to wash their   hands before eating as well as afterwards. Or chemicals and cleaning supplies are kept locked away. We inform parents of any illnesses that are spreading. We request for appropriate footwear for staff and children. As well as all this we are keeping all dietary requirements in the kitchen and in the room the child is based in.
1.2- All health and safety issues must be reported to your manager. She will then make sure all staff are aware of issues and will arrange for repairs or removal. Most of our staff are first aid   trained staff are not trained they will be put through the training. All staff are responsible for the daily and weekly checks as well as reporting any new risks.
1.3- A risk assessment is a procedure carried out to identify, evaluate and estimate levels of risk and hazard in the situation or setting. This will outline an action plan outlining any action required to remove a risk or hazard   and a timeline for completion. Risk assessments are carried out daily weekly and termly. Annually a risk of a full risk assessment of the setting and Its outside areas are carried out the assessment contain details of the risk, who is at risk, what action is to be taken and timescale that It will be dealt within.