Unit 19 - Develop Procedures and Practice to Respond to Concerns and Complaints

It is the aim of the Home that our services are delivered in a caring, efficient, effective and personal manner.

Sometimes people makes remarks that are misunderstood, or they may not have completed a task satisfactory to a clients needs. If this situation arises and you find it upsetting please try and talk over the problem with your key worker or a member of the family, so that it can be quickly resolved, as we want all clients to be happy.

Since becoming the acting manager at Camelot i have involved these sections to my welcome pack that 
It is in the interest of the Home to respond to any complaint quickly. The length of time it takes to resolve a complaint may vary depending on the nature or type of complaint.  If the Duty Manager can deal with your complaint, you should receive satisfaction within that working shift or by the end of the next working administration day.  If the Duty Manager cannot satisfactorily resolve the complaint, you will receive written confirmation from the Duty Manager within 48 hours, confirming that your complaint has been received and is being investigated. You will receive an answer to your complaint within 21 working days.  If the complaint has not been resolved within 21 days, you will receive a written explanation advising what stage the investigation has reached and an estimated time for a satisfactory conclusion.  If the complaint has a criminal implication or could be a danger to health, it will be dealt with immediately and referred to the appropriate services. i.e. Police, Social Services, CQC
Any correspondence should be addressed to the person chosen and marked confidential. Further details of the complaint procedure details are kept in the Complaints Book or on our website www.CCXnn.co.uk"

By ensuring We have a strong, clear and efficient complaint procedure in place and we are giving the service user and their families the reassurance and confidence that we try and do everything right at the...