Unit 16 - Human Resources

P1 Describe the internal and external factors to consider when planning HRM requirements for an organization

Organisations are always changing and need to be up to date and also aware of internal and external factors that can affect the business in a positive or negative way. In this task, I will be describing the internal and external factors Tesco take into consideration when they are palling Human resources.
Human resources planning – This is when an organization needs to look at their current working environment so they can analyze their current workforce skills and motivational techniques which will help them see what is missing and allow them to see other ways that can help them to become a better workforce in the future. In order for the business to identify this they must take into account both internal and external factors.

Internal Factors – this is when the internal factors are already happening within the business environment.

Organizational needs
This is when an organization is constantly changing their human resources needs to adapt to the demand for products and services. This factor can affect the amount of employees that will be needed in certain roles to meet the needs of the organization. They may also need to make adjustments by contacting the workforce or expanding the workforce. For example, Tesco are a large organization with many stores across the UK so the demand for more staff to cope with the Christmas period will be higher than the demand in February where customers will be more likely to shop less. An organization may want to increase their business needs by expanding their current range of products or introducing new services to meet more customer needs and this will bring more profits to the business which will help meet the needs of the organization. For example, Tesco has recently introduced the self-checkout tills in their stores which is a technological change to the business. This has reduced the waiting time for...