Unit 11 Task 1

Unit 11 – Task 1   Amy Santon

Task: Describe forms of abuse that may be experienced by adults

The first form of abuse that may be experienced by an adult is sexual abuse. This form of abuse can start in a number of different situations for a number of different reasons. There are different severities of this particular form of abuse as it can range from unwanted sexual advances to unwanted contact.
An individual who has experienced a form of sexual abuse could be left with a loss of dignity as their immediate reaction. This is a potentially dangerous situation as the individual could begin to start feeling depressed if the advances don’t stop as they will feel as if they have no control over what I happening to their body. In some cases if the issue is not resolved it could lead to the individual feeling as if they have no other choice than to leave their job, or move house.
Not only could the individual suffer from immediate effects but they could also suffer from long term effects. Some of these effects may be things such as depression and metal scaring. If the incident was severe enough then the individual may build up negative prejudiced ideas. For example if the person who sexually assaulted them was a male then the individual may start to think that all men are the same and may not trust men anymore and they may go out of their way to attack this specific group of people. Another long term effect could be that they feel as if the incident was their fault and could begin punishing themselves through methods such as self-harm.
A different form of abuse is verbal. This form of abuse is where one individual would make hurtful remarks to another; or they could also refuse to respond to the individual making them feel as if they don't exist. Not only could this effect the individual’s self-esteem but it could also affect their work performance as they may struggle to get things done as they may be too scared to confront the person who is abusing them. A...