Unit 11 Leavel 5

Analyse the principles,scope and purpose of professional supervision and outline theories and models?  

pinciple of professional supervison is to provide an opportunity for supervisee and supervisor to discuss in a planned,safe enviroment any concerns about roles and responsabilities. effective supervision should make sure the supervisee and supervisor are both clear on what is expected,the supervisee is free to express themself condidentially and make suggestions to improve service or any concerns they may have.the supervisor should listen and offer support where needed,supervisor must ensure the correct standards are being met.the supervisee can reflect on own practise in an open and honest way,the previous supervision notes should be they so can check if the supervisee has been able to make achieve their goals,both parts should agree to an ongoing plan for development of knowledge and skills.

purpose of supervision is to improve practice and service delivered, to check their understand their role amd responsibiliy,to make sure you understand the impoetance of current up to date objectives,ensure good quailty service is maintained,contributes the best climate,professional development,reduce work stress,ensure correct resources,knowledge understanding to fulfil their role,ensure employers needs are met.

scope is the way in which the supervision can be achieved.supervision can be one to one or it can be carried out in a team meeting,appraisals,durning handover.

falender and safranske 2004 recognised that there were many charactrtisitics of supervisions and that conflict occurred between supervisor and supervisee when their opinions,goals and purpose differed.

there are a number of theories and models within your own work setting you mite not use one in particular but parts of many mold in to a supervision.

what are legal requirements.codes of practice and agreed ways of working infuence professisonal supervision?

cqc requires that staff...