Unit 109 Enable Parents to Develop Ways of Handling Relationships and Behaviour That Contribute to Every Day Life with Children

O1 – Know how to enable parents to understand and respond to children’s feelings and behaviours
      1.1 It is important to model behaviour for children and young people and their parents as they have a tendency to imitate the behaviour of others who surround them and what they see in the media. People will not only imitate good behaviour but bad behaviour also. There are many role models in the media for children to imitate and often the behaviour is negative. As the media does not always promote family values it is important that we encourage positive behaviours for both parents and children. Parents need to model positive behaviour themselves and limit the amount of time children spend watching the TV and playing computer games. Parents also need to be aware of age restrictions TV, films and games to ensure the behaviours seen in films etc are not inappropriate for the child or young person’s age.   Qualities that parents should model include honesty, integrity, compassion, dependability, high standards and values.
      1.2 Harsh parenting is whereby parents become excessively sensitive to wrongs done by the children or other family members. Parents who are harsh usually have the children’s best interests at heart and their reasons for being harsh may be one of many including:
  * For the children to be successful
  * To avoid embarrassing situations such as unwanted pregnancy
  * To show they are in charge
  * To make children respect them
  * Past failures they don’t want the children to repeat
  * Financial restraints
  * Frustrations
The behaviours the parent may display harsh parenting may be:
  * Shouting at the child
  * Beating them at the slightest mistake
  * Taking away toys and belongings
  * Criticism/ name calling
The effects of this type of parenting include withdrawal from society; the child may become aggressive towards his/her peers and won’t feel free to discuss his/her problems due to criticism from the parents....