Unit 10 (508) - Reflective Account

Unit Title: Identify sources of information and advice on the latest developments in health and safety.
Section: Learning Outcome 1 – Identify new developments in health and safety
(1.1)   Identify sources of information and advice on the latest developments in health and safety.
What resources do you have available to help you access the latest health and safety legislation and best practice?
Explain how you use these resources to ensure your procedures comply with the latest legislation?

I am responsible as a HSE Manager to ensure that Company complies HSE policy, adheres to the specification and statutory requirements. I have been providing necessary advice and information to the Senior/Line management regarding the regulations and latest development relate to the HSE management which is based on our Client’s project specification/procedure, and our organization’s HSE plan, OHSAS 18001 and IOSH guidelines. I have prepared the HSE plan on project basis in line with Client requirement & our corporate procedure and implement the HSE Plan and ensure that all of company employees and our Subcontractor’s employees are made aware that   health, safety and the protection of the environment is fundamental to the way company works, and promote high level of safety awareness and a healthy responsible attitude amongst employees. There are several sources that I utilise which allow me to keep up to date with the latest developments in health and safety. Through my affiliate membership with IOSH I receive copies of their official magazine, safety health practitioner (SHP), in addition to regular email updates. I have also subscribed to e-bulletins, through the Health and Safety Executive, which provides weekly updates directly to my email regarding all of the latest developments within health and safety, from all industries. Although the UK maintains extremely high standards in health and safety, I also acknowledge the importance of developments within Qatar,...