Unit 1

Donna Bell

1. Risk assessments that are regularly used prior to starting work in a health and social care setting normaly include the following.
a) Moving and Handling.

c) Violence and Agression, including challenging behaviour.

It is important to use a risk assessment before the commencement of work as it offers the opportunity to identify any potential hazzards, that may occur. A risk assessment also identifies sensible and proportionate measures that can be used to either control or reduce any risk.

2. It is important to check areas for hazzards prior to starting work as it is easier and more effective to eliminate or control any potential hazzard prior to any injury occuring, it is also less distruptive.

3. It is important for a person to know and work within their role and responsibilities of their organization as they are then able to understand and work within boundaries in terms of what they can and can't do. This is essential in offering a good quality service , it is also essential to know what your service is trying to achieve and what your part in this is.

4. Initial reporting of a health and safety issue, should be directly to your employer. If no improvement is made and safety or risk to health continues to be comprimised then your concerns should be reported to the relevent enforcing authority for example the Health and Safety Executive (HSE).

5. By minimising risk of either infection, cross contamination or the spreading of germs and bacteria, the following steps can be put in place.
a) Good hand hygiene.
b) Wearing protective clothing.
c) use any equipment provided.
d) Take appropriate action when dealing with spillages.
e)Dispose of waste materials appropriatley.

6. Protective clothing must be worn when carrying out personal care, dealing with any waste (including body fluids), managing a catheter, preparing meals. Gloves must also be worn when either inserting or removing dentures.

7. It is important for people...