Unit 1: Use and Develop Systems That Promote Communication.

27 July 2015
Unit 1: Use and Develop Systems that Promote Communication.

  1. Be able to address the range of communication requirements in own role.

      2.1 Review the range of groups and individuals whose communication needs must be addressed in own job role.

In my role as Care Manager I need to be able to communicate effectively with different groups:

My colleagues in the office – Directors, Scheduler, Care Coordinator, Compliance Coordinator, Finance Department.   We have a brief meeting every morning where I update my colleagues on where we are with new care packages coming through and anything relevant to them.

My colleagues at our Head Office, who give us direction on our company policies and good working practice.   I sometimes contact them to ask for direction on unusual situations.

Our team of Caregivers – individually and as a group.   To explain the support their clients need and to remind them day-to-day things they need to know.

Our new recruits – I deliver the Medication Training and need to be able to communicate this clearly so they understand what is required and what we can and cannot do.   I give them on-going support and direction so they work within the limits of their role.

Clients – I speak to our clients regularly.   When I have a Service Call (initial sales visit) with a prospective client I have to communicate clearly to make sure they understand what we can and cannot do and the way that we work.   I manage their expectations and make sure they understand.
Going forward with clients I deal with ongoing changes in care and talk to them about ways we can support them, also signpost them to organisations which could help them.
Clients’ representatives – as above, and also reporting any concerns we may have about their loved ones.

Health professionals – we ask our Clients to sign a “Permission to Share” consent form so that we can talk to medical professionals if necessary.   This may be for example sharing...