Unit 1 P1 Explain Different Types of Business Information, Their Sources and Purposes

This report explains the different types of information, their sources and purposes. The report observes how Tesco manage and communicate information. It will describe how information helps Tesco in their decision making process. This report will also tell you about their profit making strategies and what job roles impact the business.

Types of information
Good verbal communication skills are important in a business, so that you can communicate effectively with people in a wide variety of situations. In some cases you may be dealing with people in other countries, people with different cultures, varying ages and with different levels of experience.

Tesco use Verbal communication to communicate in meetings for participants to share their ideas. When planning a meeting, Tesco clearly state their objective, to make staff aware of what the meeting will be about, whether it’s to make a decision, brainstorm ideas, approve a plan, communicate and many more. At the beginning of the meeting, a member of staff from Tesco will uses verbal communication to state the priorities, topics of the meeting, the outcome and the amount of time allowed to discuss each topic. Tesco believe in asking for additional input from participants, they ensure that the meeting remains relevant for everyone by saving question until the end. The member of staff will also ensure that every participant gets a chance to speak.
Presentations and Lectures
Using effective verbal communication, Tesco give presentations and lectures to their staff on a particular topic. Whether they provide instructions, describe a product to make a sale or communicate a vision or strategy, they need to keep messages clear Tesco ensures a successful presentation by preparing effectively, Using vivid language, descriptive examples and also extra visuals, using short words and sentences. I have researched and learnt that Tesco staff tends to avoid confusion. Effective presenters allow...