Unit 1 Nvq Level 2

K1 The relationship between your own role and the role of teacher   within the learning environment
For supporting the pupils effectively you need to have clear knowledge of your role. Also if you are employed then you should have your Job description, which explains your duties.
Your responsibilities will be divided under different sections for example
• Teaching and learning
• Any administrative duties involved
• Assurance of Standard and quality of work
• Any other duties
You should find out from your seniors what the school expects from you while you are working as a volunteer. Getting involved with school life as much as possible and working with the teacher will develop an understanding of teaching assistant role.
You should have a detailed plan of action as you are expected to work with teachers.
In case you are not trained for some of your duties, you may ask for additional support.

K2 Your role and responsibilities for supporting pupils learning and implications of this for the sort of support you can provide.
While supporting the teacher in school, you should be able to set up learning activities. Being positive is also very important aspect when you are working with children and respond to them. Always follow the instructions of the teacher.
You should always give equal attention to all children as all pupils have a right to learn .Pupils should not be discriminated.

K3 The school policies for inclusion and quality of opportunity and the implications of these by how you work with pupils.
Equal treatment for all regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, disability, learning difficulty or social background.
Identifying   the need of each pupil and supporting accordingly. Such as special educational needs.
However if the teaching assistant is working with a group of children then it should be ensures that all are given same opportunities.

K4 Your experience and expertise in relation to supporting learning...