Unit 1 Introduction to Criminal Law Individual Project

The difference between a felony and misdemeanor is set apart by how much possible imprisonment if any a person can receive.   I found out after researching that a felony offers a tougher sentencing then a misdemeanor, if a person is found at fault such as a breach of peace like Ms. Singh committed than it would be classified as a misdemeanor.   An example of this would be any act that disturbs the public such as any criminal act creating fear or trying to intimidate a person, while displaying a weapon.   A felony is when a person commits a robbery with force, likely by threatening bodily harm, to seize money or possessions from another person.   The difference in the conviction and consequences between the two would be misdemeanors are punishable by numerous strong fines and maybe jail time.
The criminal attorney I work for asked me to look into the case concerning the distinction between a felony and misdemeanor.   The firm also want me to discuss the matters of Ms. Singh who was arrested for a breach of peace and she believes that if convicted she might receive prison time.   I’ve researched and found out that lawyers declare that felonies and misdemeanors are two different kinds of crimes.   A felony is a kind of crime that is seen as the more serious of the two and carry’s at least a year or more in either a state or federal prison.   A misdemeanor is a minor punishment that comes with additional fines and at times jail time, normally less than a year’s time.   The time served in jail is usually spent in a local county jail and not in a federal corrections jail  
Ms. Singh has some concerns of her upcoming trial in which she is charged with breach of peace and her concern is she might be sentence to prison with the possibility of a death sentence.   According to the research I did online, I found out that a breach of peace only carries a sentence of less than a year, or probable fines along with...