Unit 1 Communication

Unit 1
It is very important establish effective communication to help develop positive working relationships with the children, young people and adults.   Effective communication is any form of communication that works.   This is when the message you are trying to send to the students received and understood.   Having effective communication also means that you and the student will be able to know and understand what is expected of each other.  
Having effective communication is a great way to build trust, this is because communication enables you to share your views and opinions with other people and you will be able to understand theirs.   This will increase the other person confidence towards you and increase trust.  
Effective communication also shows the individual that you respect them.   To shows the student that you are listening its important to show positive facial expression and body language.   Facial expressions and body language are part of non-verbal communication, with just one expression a lot can be said; for example, by smiling you give off the message that you’re happy and approachable. This can contribute towards building a healthy working relationship as it will encourage people to communicate easily.   Positive body language also includes hand gestures and looking at the person when they are talking to you to show that you interested in the conversation, nodding and shaking head to let them know that you are listening and paying attention.  
Developing positive working relationships enables effective teamwork.   This is achieved by having a common goal with the individual you are communicating with whether they are student or colleague.  
The principals of building relationship with people in my placement are important in making others feel comfortable in our presence, and then the communication is more likely to be effective.   If people did not get on or had issues then they are more likely to avoid contact with each other, so it is...