Unit 1 Child & Young Person Development 1.1 .1.2

Unit 1 Child & Young Person Development

1.1 – Explain the sequence and rate of each aspects of development from birth to 19 years.

  The sequence and rate of each aspects of development from birth to 19 years is important and viewed in a holistic way and that every child is unique and will develop in their own way. A child that is three has very different experiences and abilities to a 12 or 19 years old.
Development is considered holistic in all parts that are related and recognised. It is usually divided into the following headings;

Physical development, which includes gross motor skills, fine motor skills, eye hand co-ordination and includes movement skill.
Intellectual development includes understanding information, developing memory, questioning and attention span. Communication and language development is children and young people understanding and gaining language, body language and developing vocabulary. Social and emotional development consist of forming relationships, making decisions, developing self-confidence and caring for others.  

The following developments is a general guide to how children and young people develop within the following age ranges;
0 – 3 years
3 – 7 years
7 – 12 years
12 – 16 years
16 – 19 years

Physical development;
Childs physical development is an important area for development in which the child’s body increases in skill involving movements. Children develop many skills as they grow older and it is important to give the opportunity to develop physically and to give the child the support they need.

0 to 3 years in these period babies has a fast physical development. Babies learn how to control their muscles and movements, motor control develops from head, arms goes down to legs and feet. Children’s movements automatically come as they grow for example when stroking cheeks the child moves head to side. As motor development continues babies, will learn to move head side to side when laying on...