Unit 1 1.1 Explain the Sequence and Rate of Each Aspect of Development from Birth-19years.

0-2 years.
          Babies are born being completely dependent on their parents or carers. From only being able to lie on their backs they gradually learn how to sit, crawl, shuffle, stand, cruise round furniture and walk. As they get older they start becoming more confident in their motor skills. Babies start of communicating by crying and as they get older they start to babble which then turns into noticeable words for example: Ma-ma, Da-da and Ba-ba. Around their first birthday they may say a few noticeable words and understand a few words they cannot yet say. Children at the age of 0-2 are very vulnerable. When babies are born they are very trusting towards other people up until around the age of six months   when they become more aware of other people. Distress can be caused if their main carer is out of sight. Although children get distressed when people they are not familiar with are around them, they also love being sociable with people they see on a regular basis. At two years of age children can pick up on certain moods, They’ll be able to see if you’re sad, angry, or anxious. Some children may even reflect this in their own mood. While your children are young they are influenced easily and you may start to see anxiety or phobias start appearing within your children. If they have gad bad experiences previously this can sometimes cause anxieties or phobias as they’ve remembered their previous experiences.
          3-5 Years.
          The motor skills of a three year old are more advanced as to when they were younger. They have a lot more coordination when they do certain things. Now they should be able to walk and run forwards, backwards and sideways. They may be able to balance on one foot and hop up and down. When they reach the age of five children may be able to play simple games like ball games, using outdoor sports games and using climbing fames. Whilst their coordination is improving so are their fine motor skills. Within this age range...