Unit 094

Unit 022 Understand Child and Young Person Development:

022.1 AC 1
The sequence of development from birth to 19 years:

Development Stages | Explain the Sequence of Physical Development | Explain the Sequence of Communication Development | Explain the Sequence of Intellectual/Cognitive Development | Explain the Sequence of Social, Emotional and behavioural Development | Explain the Sequence of Moral Development |
0-3 Months | Try to lift their head.Flex fingers, arms and legs |
Responds to loud noises
Smiles at people when they speak
Squealing and laughing |
Prefers people to toys
Startled by loud noises
Begins to imitate movements and facial expressions
Associations can be made I.e. bottle is food |
Watches people who are talking
Smiles and laughs
Quiet when picked up
Comforted by touch | No moral awareness |
3-6 Months | Muscle development - reach out for objects and grasp.Makes noisesCan roll overMake and hold eye contact |
Responds to their names
Talk to them, asking questions and waiting for their response in noises
Introduce to simple words |
Explores by reaching, grasping, and putting things in their mouth
Turns their head towards sounds
Repeats actions to get desired response from adults or others
Begins to get excited at sight of food |
Recognise faces
Cry when upset and seek comfort
Show excitement by moving arms and legs
Pay attention when their name is called | Shows happiness in being fed, comfortable and safe |
6-9 Months | Learning to hold and drink from a cupBegins to eat solid foodsSit without supportMoves around by rolling or creeping |
Able to make 1-2 syllable sounds
Laughs, giggles, babbles
Reacts to loud, angry, friendly faces
Turns and looks to new sounds |
An understanding of how objects are used
Know whether objects are near or far
Opens mouth for a spoon
Looks for a dropped object
Follows fast moving objects with their eyes |
Express several different clear emotions
Show displeasure at...