Unit 027

Assignment 027
Support Children and Young People's Health and Safety
1.) Understand how to plan and provide environments and services that support children and young people's health and safety.
Most of the factors to consider when planning an environment that is safe and healthy for children and young people is to assess what type of risk there is and who could be at risk. Is it a physical risk, personal risk, security risk, emotional risk, fire risk or food safety risk? Is it the child at risk?
The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 covers many health and safety legislations including RIDDOR, COSHH, First Aid, Fire Regulations etc. All of these legislations should be understood and adhered to when planning any activity.
Everyone is an individual so there is a need to take in to account each child/young person’s level of development and ability to plan for a safe and healthy environment. For all activities, the desired outcome should include clear aims and objectives based around the child/young person’s age using EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage).   Is the activity suited to the age of the child, perhaps there is a partially sighted child within the setting, is the risk to them greater to them?  
If planning activities for children with sensory or visual impairment, or with disability skills, it is imperative to ensure they understand what you are telling them about safety issues, and that a member of staff is always at hand to reinforce it. We have to evaluate the risks for everyone, whether it be a pregnant member of staff, or a member of staff with a disability, parents, children and young people, and evaluate what are the risks to them?