Unit 024

Unit 024 -   Promote Child and Young Person Development  
Be able to assess the development needs of children or young people and prepare a development plan.

1.4 Develop a plan to meet the development needs of a child or young person in the work setting.
I have chosen one of my key children to develop a plan for i have looked through my childs folder and tracking and looked at the areas of development that needs improvement and are planning an activity based on the weakest area on the tracking.
Before planning an activity i have looked through my previous week evaluations to link this week planning and to link the childrens targets to the adult focused activities.
Looking through the evaluations the children have taken particualar interest in using cardboard boxes to hide in and spent long periods of time doing this
So this week is about hiding and seeking things out i have planned an activity using wooden shapes to help with mathematics and shredded paper to hide the shapes to find using cardboard boxes. first i have risk assessed the environment to make sure it is safe and risk assessed the activity ive set out the cardboard boxes on the floor and filled with shredded paper and hidden lots of wooden shapes to find. I have put beside this a peice of paper showing what areas of development this covers and what i would like to get out of this activity the child i have chosen is lacking in mathematics in their development so this activity could help them progress. Any activity that i have been set out i will make sure this activity can be adapted to meet every childs needs.